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  • Buy Iron oxide (Ferric oxide) CAS 1332-37-2

    Iron oxide (Ferric oxide) CAS 1332-37-2

    Buy Iron oxide 99.5%min, buy bulk quantity Iron oxide CAS 1332-37-2, select high quality Iron oxide from suppliers, exporters etc. If you want to buy Iron oxide, don't hesitate to contact us

  • Buy Pigment Yellow 42, Yellow iron oxide, CAS 51274-00-1

    Pigment Yellow 42, Yellow iron oxide, CAS 51274-00-1

    Where to buy Pigment Yellow 42, buy Yellow iron oxide, CAS 51274-00-1, select good suppliers and price of Pigment Yellow 42 and Yellow iron oxide. If you want to find more about Pigment Yellow 42, please feel free to contact us

  • buy Iron Oxide Black 318,Pigment Black 11,CAS 12227-89-3

    Iron Oxide Black 318, buy Pigment Black 11,CAS 12227-89-3

    Where to buy Iron Oxide Black 318, and buy Pigment Black 11 CAS 12227-89-3 from China suppliers of Iron Oxide Black 318 and Pigment Black 11? If you want to buy Iron Oxide Black 318 and buy Pigment Black 11 at good price, please contact us

  • buy Calcium Sulfate suppliers price

    Calcium Sulfate CAS 10101-41-4

    Do you want to buy Calcium Sulfate ? TNJ Chemical is your best option to buy Calcium sulfate. It has good quality calcium sulfate and stable supply ability, we can meet your various requirements. Give me a chance, let me prove your choice are correct. Trust TNJ, trust yourself, we will give you more professional service. If you want to get more information, please contact us

  • 2,4-Dinitrotoluene DNT

    2,4-Dinitrotoluene DNT CAS 121-14-2

    2,4-Dinitrotoluene DNT CAS 121-14-2 is a kind of yellow needle powder or yellow flakes. Stability Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Flammable.This pale yellowcrystalline solid is well known as a precursor to trinitrotoluene (TNT) but is mainly produced as a precursor to toluene diisocyanate.

  • Sodium Ferrocyanide

    Sodium Ferrocyanide CAS 14434-22-1

    Sodium Ferrocyanide CAS 14434-22-1 or 13601-19-9 is used for production of Prussian blue and potassium ferricyanide raw materials. And it is mainly used for pigment industry, printing and dyeing industry, food industry, and so on.

  • Potassium ferrocyanide

    Potassium ferrocyanide CAS 14459-95-1

    Potassium ferrocyanide CAS 14459-95-1 is light yellow crystals.  It and the related sodium salt are widely used as anticaking agents for both road salt and table salt. The potassium and sodium ferrocyanides are also used in the purification of tin and the separation of copper from molybdenum ores. Potassium ferrocyanide is used in the production of wine and citric acid.

  • 1,8-Dinitronaphthalene DNN

    1,8-Dinitronaphthalene DNN CAS 602-38-0

    1,8-Dinitronaphthalene DNN CAS 602-38-0, also called 1,8-dinitro-naphthalen, 1,8-dinitro-, is lightly yellow flake or powder. It is an important intermediate for pharmaceutical and dye chemicals. It exists in powder or flakes.